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WARNING! This game contains themes of trauma, abuse, PTSD, hallucinations and mental illness. This is absolutely not a game for the faint of heart or the weak of constitution, and if you are sensitive to this type of content or simply want to further your career by shitposting, do not download this game. These themes stem from real life experience with each subject, and are essentially fantasy retellings of similar true events in the life of the developer. I will say it again: this is not for children, those with sensitivities to the subjects mentioned, or the faint of heart/politically driven. 

Developer's Note: This was made by one person using base assets for the RPG Maker VX Ace game engine. I own the story and some edits to the art, but the rest was base assets. It was my first ever attempt at making a game with this engine; please keep that in mind when you download this. Thank you. 

An early adaptation of the events told in the published short novel "Into the Hallway" by the developer, you play as Janie Geraldine - a young woman who suffers from a mental condition and has been recently released from a stay at the hospital. Knowing you have nowhere else to go after being released, you decide to visit the home of your doctor - the only person you believe you can trust, until you start to remember things that you weren't aware of before through flashbacks. Advance through the game by exploring the "empty" house, and fight your personal demons along the way until you face reality in all its ugliness.


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